Retro etc

Taking vintage elements from the 20th century, I wanted to create a laid-back retro look that simply eases almost effortlessly with cool. Combining basic blocks of craftsmanship such as wood, fabric and stone, this is a stylish pad for both comfort and pleasure. By adding classical painting and a few vintage pieces of furniture - it is easy to create a fusion of style.

One of the main features of this property is the huge balcony which I used to completely implement to be part of the home and thus extend, from the colonial bedroom, the inside of the house to the outside seamlessly giving the inhibitor a sense of space and allowing the balcony to be a more key element to the daily usage of the home.

A completely renovated penthouse revamped into a very personal style.

An added fireplace, carefully selected furniture and white bespoke curtains create a second chill-out living room on the balcony and thus the perfect place to gather with family and friends.