His and Hers

A classic, mature take on the client’s personal style, this exceptional flat located in one of Prime Property’s trademark buildings, separates itself from the rest with its yellow accents and window-frame mirrors.

Tanya’s goal here was to take a pretty much completed flat and turn it on its head, changing the expected by utilising the unexpected. With the feeling of a magician conjuring his signature trick, top-hats descend from the ceiling in a quirky take on chandeliers, yellow puff chairs, yellow pillows and even yellow garden sofas create highlights for a brown, classical base.

Contrasts as usual are Tanya’s forté. Decolorized rugs wrap the living room giving it a homey comfortable feel, while paintings and hung pictures add interest and even humour. This is a home focused on intricate details, forcing the observer to get involved with the design and to look out for what surprises Tanya has hidden along the way. Never taking away from the whole, Tanya manages to carefully balance the different energies flowing through an apartment that begs for a second, third and even fourth look.