La Dolce Vita

A special, special Villa that Tanya holds very close to her heart. Inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany, the golden sun, Palazzos speckled across the Italian landscape, this Villa blends in classical elegance with modern comforts.

From the oversized Surprise by the esteemed Claude-Marie Dubufe, to the illusion of space created in the basement through large faux windows and to using yellow tones making us think of endless fields in summer, we have a mastery of fusion.

A touch of Tuscany in Limassol

More elements include a mirror TV with a Renaissance frame, long drawn out curtains reminiscent of an Italian late afternoon and to top it all of, the crown jewel, a spacious roof terrace overlooking the canals and waterways of the Marina, a fantastic place to share unforgettable moments and see the days out till end.