50 shades of blue

Sometimes ingenuity is choosing the obvious and delivering the obvious by turning it on its head while still executing perfectly.

Tanya's ingenuity is taken further in a glamorous bedroom adorned with a glass box bathroom set with a "beach pebble" floor. The horizon visible from any aspect of the room including the bathtub and smart glass that turns to cloud at the whisk of a button when privacy is much needed. Blue shades of parquet follow throughout the home and deep coloured pieces hold the visual style together. We are proud to have this home as an example of what Tanya is capable of when indeed the obvious approach is taken, and a seaside view home is transformed into a Tanya Design piece.

A Mediterranean kiss

Tanya does a masterclass in this front row seaside property. She takes pastels of blue mixed with a nautical theme, injects it with the originality of her Tanya design approach, and we come away gobsmacked at how such simplicity can elicit so much beauty. We have a living room split into two but held together as one. One side being an old fashioned fireplace, ready to be lit by magazine clippings and whitewashed to give a sea-like feel. Imposing over this a surfboard, brightly painted to look as new adorned with words echoing the feeling of the flat. The other side of the same living room we have a beautiful cottage style, distinctly Tanya room, with color, clean lines and that Tanya-at-home touch. All this is faced with a wall of glass, that can be tumbled open, to let in the blue horizon. Even when the blinds are down, the curtains themselves paling into a light blue from a sky white, evoke the view that is beyond them.